Thursday, August 2, 2007

Basic Guide to Domestic Machine "Free Motion Quilting"

Here is a unique way to get through the quilting process on your domestic sewing machine that gives a long arm finish - by tracing a paper roll pantograph with a water soluble fabric marking pen on see through white backing fabric, then quilting the quilt from the back rather than the front. If you are making a twin or lap size quilt with the thinnest loft batting, this is the most stress free way I have found to quilt your tops on a domestic machine.

Here is a video tutorial on my process:

For other great how to ideas for free motion quilting, here are some great reference resources:

Jera Brandvig, Quilt as You Go Made Modern

Angela Walters, Free Motion Quilting with Angela Waters

Diane Gaudynski, Guide to Machine Quilting

Diane Gaudynski, Quilt Savvy: Gaudynski's Machine Quilting Guidebook
Harriet Hargraves: Heirloom Machine Quilting

Ricky Tims, Grand Finale: Fine Machine Quilting (DVD)
Jinny Beyer, Quiltmaking by Hand


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Cloudy Stitches said...

What a shame the tutorial was taken down :(

Kathy said...

I'm so sorry about that. Basically what you do is prepare a backing for your quilt using a thin see through white (light weight quilter's cotton) fabric. Then trace any pantograph of your choice (the kind that Long Arm Quilter's use) using a water soluble fabric pen. I just put the panto under the fabric and I trace right on top of the design lines with the fabric pen. I usually does this on a banquet table (the cheap kind you can buy at an office supply store). Its easy to mark the entire quilt backing using the pantograph if its an "all over design." Then layer your quilt, baste, and quilt as usual, but instead of quilting from the front of the quilt, you are quilting from the back of the quilt. That is what I did with the quilt in the photo on this blog post.

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Janmc said...

Would like to see more of your quilting,l am just learning and need lots of advice

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